International Journal of Applied Science and Technology

ISSN 2221-0997 (Print), 2221-1004 (Online) 10.30845/ijast

Maturity Status of ITIL Incident Management Process among Saudi Arabian Organizations
Omar AlShathry

Incident Management is an intrinsic IT process that is visible to both customer and businesses. Organizations should proactively adopt a healthy IT service management framework like ITIL so as to maintain the desired Quality of Service (QoS). There is very little published work about the maturity level of ITIL processes among Saudi Arabia organizations. This research examines the maturity of incident management process of a selected Saudi organization using a common assessment tool. Findings showed relatively low maturity levels among the selected organizations, albeit having fairly well-formed process structure and efficient reporting metrics. Interaction of incident management process with the direct/indirect supportive process groups were not seen apparent within the sample organizations.

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