International Journal of Applied Science and Technology

ISSN 2221-0997 (Print), 2221-1004 (Online) 10.30845/ijast

Recovery of Waste of Construction, Demolition and Mining Tailings
Francisco Prieto García, Yamile Rangel Martínez, Otilio A. Acevedo Sandoval, Alberto J. Gordillo Martínez

The reuse of construction and demolition waste (CDW) is an economic strategy that is practiced in most industrialized countries to add value to solid waste. The ability to retrieve and combine them with mining waste (tailings) in the reprocessing of new rock aggregates implies a high economic effect and a new source of employment. The aim of this work has been to present a technical-economic feasibility study for this purpose. The results indicate that a plant design capacity of 61T/h would have an initial investment of $24 543 377.73 Mexican pesos (about $1 817 828.00 U.S. dollars) with annual revenues of $1 500 000.00 minimum and a maximum recovery in 16 years. Retrieving and marketing materials that often accompany CDW, annual earnings can be as high as $12 500 000.00 and an accelerated recovery in 2 years.

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