International Journal of Applied Science and Technology

ISSN 2221-0997 (Print), 2221-1004 (Online) 10.30845/ijast

Measuring and Evaluating Urban Textures Abrasion Amount by Using Fuzzy Logic,Index Overlay, AHP
Dr. Mohammad Ajza Shokouhi, Parisa Roshani, Alireza Hassani, Seyed Ali Hossienpour

Urban textures abrade as a result of natural factors, human and time factor, and time factor potentially revels in other factors (natural and humanistic). Combining these three factors (natural-humanistic- time) in a way that all of them had measured by their especial features is one of the main problems for estimating amount of texture abrasion. The purpose of this paper is estimating amount of urban texture abrasion by using AHP models, fuzzy logic and index overlay by which regions will recognize respectively according to amount of their abrasion, and necessary actions will done according to type of abrasion and their priority. The method which is used in this paper is analytical which is used GIS tool and programming models in order to reach purpose of the paper. By using fuzzy logic, qualitative and quantitative criteria which are affecting on texture abrasion are normalized and ordered in a period from one to zero numerically and continuously and prioritizing of these criteria will be recognized by using analytical model of index overlay. The amount of urban texture abrasion could be reached by combining these criteria and regarding to level of their prioritizing and present strategies and solutions appropriate for each type of abrasion in textures. As the most important and significant features of this method, in comparison with other classic models such as Boolean model (zero and one model), is its flexibility. Analysis and estimation will be more real while increase number of indexes and criteria in this model. Other political and economical considerations have been noticed in this model.

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