International Journal of Applied Science and Technology

ISSN 2221-0997 (Print), 2221-1004 (Online) 10.30845/ijast

Transmission of External Load from Its Point of Application through the Members of a Warren Truss to Its External Supports
Akinwonmi, Ademola Samuel; Seckley, Emmanuel Mawuli

Analysis of forces in each member of a wooden Warren truss has been presented in this paper using the method of joints. Reactions at the supports were calculated, direction of the force in the entire member was assumed as tensile or compressive. A joint where only two members are unknown was selected followed by joints on which three or more forces are acting and Lami’s theorem was applied on that joint. The three equilibrium conditions were used (ΣV = 0, ΣH = 0 and ΣM = 0). Resolution of forces method was applied on the joint on which four, five, e. t. c. forces are acting. The result was used to draw a force summary diagram which shows that some of the members are in tension while others are in compression. The knowledge of this force transmission through the members will help in safe design of structures.

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